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                                  The latest Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Committee Meeting was held the the Britnell

                                   Residence on Friday June 26 (2020) commencing at 10am.


Topics discussed included:

•    Pukawa D2/D3 Subdivision


•    Traffic Management


•    Omori Water Pre-treatment Improvement Project


•    Playgrounds and Playground Parking


•    Road Bumps


•    Rabbit Control

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Meeting held 26 June

Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Report: 31 May 2020 Tallies for May 2020 May started off as a slow month but accelerated closer to the end.The stand-out tally is with possums - a total of 14 taken out so far this year which for 5 months is well up on the numbers we took out in the full previous two years and still we have 7 months to go. Rats = 60 (67 last year and 70 in May 2018) Rat tallies normally decrease from May on and start building up again in October/November – but who knows! Kirk’s Whiowhio line has built up to about his normal average. Kirk took out 11 rats and was only pipped by Gray’s Omori Boat ramp to stream who took out 12 rats. Mice = 46 (25 last year) 18 taken out by Ian and Denise Giles at the top of the hill. Weasels/Stoats/Ferrets = 4 (8 last year) Cats = 4 (6 last year but another 2 already taken out in June to date) Hedgehogs = 5 (2 last year) Possums = 14 (1 last year) Our Possum Problem The Animal Health Board is responsible for trying to eliminate TB in all areas with farms to prevent the spread of TB to cattle. Just over 6 months ago the Animal Health Board declared the Omori Kuratau area TB free. Because of this they ended the work of their local contractor – EPRO. Previously EPRO and our Pest Management Group worked together in close consultation and identified and trapped possums. EPRO used pindone poison and we used A-12 Goodnature gas-fired possom traps. This co-operation worked well and severely cut our annual possum numbers down to single figures in each of the last 5 years. Because of the Animal Health Board decision, we predicted a return of possums and the number of 14 possums in a single month has really been quite disappointing although quite expected. Another complicating factor has been that we have not caught any possums for over a year in our A12 traps – the possums now just seem to ignore them. However, we have taken a new tack. We have started to use the yellow Timms traps with slats cut out of the back and baited with slices of apple. 10 of the 14 possums were taken out this way and 4 were shot. We have just ordered a further 20 Timms traps to deploy around our traplines and we seem to be catching them on a daily basis. Again we ask for your help. If you hear or spot a possum, please let us know so we can set a Timms trap where they were spotted/heard. The majority of our trapped possums at present have come from different built-up areas in Kuratau and to a lesser extent in Omori. Please phone me on (07) 386 6667 if you sport/hear one of these predators. Many thanks Russell Shaw Omori Kuratau Pest Management Co-ordinator.