Welcome to Omori Kuratau


Welcome/welcome back to Omori/Kuratau – our very special part of the world. Below we have listed some considerations to help make your stay even more enjoyable for you and your family and for other visitors and permanent residents.



Starting at the Omori Stream, please be very aware that Omori/Kuratau has a 50K speed

limit and it's there for very good reasons. The 'village' is a haven for walkers, runners,

children, dog walkers and cyclists who are simply out to enjoy themselves in a relaxed

state of mind without being put in danger by speeding vehicles.


Omori/Kuratau is also 'home to the birds' and too many birds are killed every year

by vehicles going too fast and being unable to avoid low flying birds. And heh – it's

much more relaxing driving at 50k!



Many visitors really enjoy biking around the many tracks in the area, just as people love to

enjoy the myriad of walking tracks in the area. The important thing is for walkers and cyclists

to be totally considerate of each other. Bikers should give way to walkers and alert them by

ringing a bell on blind corners. Cyclists can avoid creating water channels and creating

erosion by sticking to the existing tracks. Cutting corners also damages our fragile

ecosystem so it would be appreciated if you stick to the existing tracks. Enjoy your walking

and cycling. Please note that vehicles, quad bikes and motor bikes are not allowed on

reserves, tracks and beaches as they pose a danger to walkers and cyclists and can cause

serious damage and erosion.



After the holiday season each year we have a real problem with

domestic pet cats that have been left behind and turn feral in little more

than 10 days. Preying on the rabbits is just too tempting for cats and

explains why they often can't be found when you are about leave for



A particularly sad example of this is the 70 feral cats that were trapped in

4 months after the 2014 - 2015 Christmas holiday season. This number fell to

30 for the 2015- 2016 Christmas holiday season – still far too many. These two

examples clearly illustrate why you should put your cat in a cattery when you come here on holiday. Feral cats are hunters and pose a real threat to the growing number birds in the area (numbers supplied by our local Pest Management Group).



Our local pest control programme is run by 14 volunteers who make up the Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group who clear the traplines on a weekly basis. All pests targeted by the programme are introduced species:

stoats; weasels; rats; possums; and sadly – feral cats. The aim of the programme is to continue the regeneration of the native bush in the area by bringing back the birds. The programme has been running for five and a half years and the bird population is thriving. Bird species, particularly tui, bellbirds and kereru are now regularly seen in the area. Tomtits and kakariki are also back in some of the Omori and Kuratau bush areas. Enjoy the birds and please tell your children not to interfere with the traps in any way. Every holidays we have traps kicked over and/or set off with sticks and some yellow rat cafes destroyed. These traps do not catch introduced predators!





                             A12 Possum Trap                        A24 Rat/Stoat Trap       DOC 200/Rat/Stoat






Please note that non-toxic lures are used in each trap. There are also a number of traps for community use if you spot a predator(s) during the holidays. Contact Russell Shaw, 180 Omori Rd, Ph 386 6667.



Particularly around Christmas and New Year we find signs removed and vegetation destroyed in our reserves and/or on other people's property. The signs are there for good purpose and the ecological effects on our reserves has become significant. Loss of vegetation on our foreshores accentuates erosion. Visitors should also be very aware that fires lit on the beaches are prohibited and overnight fires also pose a real danger to people using the beaches during the day. Broken glass too in public places, including the lake itself, can ruin peoples' holidays.


The Ratepayers Association very much appreciates the many contributions by individuals to keep the community and environment the special place it is. Please make a stand to protect our environment and ensure it is safe and litter free for all to use and enjoy.